National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto

All month we will be sharing information about social connection, loneliness and highlighting programs through the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto and Bernard Betel Centre.

A survey by Statistics Canada in mid-2021 found that more than 40 percent of Canadians feel lonely some or all of the time, with the problem worst, as one might imagine, among single people and those who live alone.

Types of loneliness:
(1) Emotional loneliness – ‘the absence of meaningful relationships’
(2) Social loneliness – a ‘perceived deficit in the quality of social connections’
(3) Existential loneliness – a ‘feeling of fundamental separateness from others and the wider world’

Social connectedness influences our minds, bodies, and behaviors—all of which influence our health and life expectancy. Research shows that social connectedness can lead to longer life, better health, and improved well-being.

People with meaningful social connections have: Less stress and better sleep. Better overall health that can lead to a longer life. Healthier habits and behaviors.

National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto is a volunteer driven not-for-profit focused on local social action for issues that matter. Make a difference, build friendships. Members and volunteers are always welcome. No experience necessary.

Learn more about what we do, our programs, and how you can get involved.

The Bernard Betel Centre offers in-person and online educational and recreational programs, fitness, health promotion, clinics, volunteer opportunities, special events, cultural celebrations, and community support services, including Kosher Meals on Wheels, friendly visiting, at-home respite, crisis intervention and service navigation. We have been providing essential programs and services to thousands of seniors in the community for 58 years. Many of the seniors whom we serve live in poverty, are isolated and vulnerable, many with limited access to family and community supports. Our agency provides programs in multiple languages reflecting the linguistic and cultural diversity of the seniors that live in the community.

Learn more about Bernard Betel and their programs and services.


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