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ALUMA, established in Tel Aviv in 1954, was the first agency to provide couple and family therapy.  Today it is the only non-profit agency providing these services to any person, couple or family, regardless of place of residence, country of origin, religion, ethnic or racial group, or socio-economic level.  Clients unable to pay receive reduced rates based on a sliding scale. ALUMA, amongst other things, also trains family therapists, promotes services in the community, treats families with Special Needs children, sexual abuse-victims, families with children entering the IDF and single mothers with Pre-School children that live in the shadow of trauma.

Donations are needed to help fund the Therapists to support and maintain training to effectively treat the clients. Donations also assists Clients to receive a discount enabling them to get the urgent treatment they need, in some cases for many years. All the Therapists are volunteers and do not receive a paid salary.

National Council of Jewish Women Canada is the only Canadian entity currently supporting ALUMA.

Chair:  Hazel Wayne

Tel: 416.633.5100       email


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