National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto

2024 Delivery Day was a great success!

THANK YOU to all volunteers & donors!

We have provided Passover food for thousands in our community. CHAG SAMEACH. See you in 2025!

A Tradition Since 1983

Helping people celebrate Passover with pride and dignity

Passover is one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays.  Our challenge is to meet the vital needs of the financially disadvantaged in our community.

This year marks the 41st year of the Passover Food Drive in Toronto. 41 years of collaboration between social agencies, volunteers, students, the community and YOU.

With your assistance, we can continue this tradition and help more people in our community celebrate the holiday with pride and dignity.

2024 Program Summary

Key Passover Food Drive dates:

Pack: March 31-April 9th

Volunteer / Supervise: March 31-April 9th

Deliver: Sunday April 14th

Passover: April 22-30th

Packing and delivery check-in is at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue, 155 Wilmington Ave, Toronto

Sponsor a senior or a family

Passover Food Boxes contain all the essentials to make Passover easier to celebrate with pride and dignity.

Individual Food Box $99, Family Food Boxes $199.


Send a card

An ideal hostess gift to say thank you and show appreciation.

Greeting Cards are specially designed by school children in our community.

Let your loved ones know you care by making a donation to the Passover Food Drive in their name.

Package of 5 Greeting Cards $36, Tribute Cards $18 each.

ORDER BY PHONE: 416.633.5100

Get Involved: Sign-up & Volunteer

Delivery Day: On-Site Volunteers, Drivers & Students

Help on-site and help deliver food boxes to people in need! Delivery day on-site volunteers and drivers are needed for Sunday April 14th.  Each driver is assigned to a designated area.

Students we need your help loading boxes for drivers on Delivery day 8am – 12 noon. Make a difference and get your volunteer hours!

Thank you to everyone who helped support Delivery day!

Pack Food Boxes

Groups, schools and individuals play a critical role helping to pack food boxes.

Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue is graciously hosting the Passover Food Drive this year.

Our packing schedule is now complete. For questions about packing please email or call 416 633-5100. Thank you for your support.

Supervise Packing

Volunteers are essential for the operations and logistics of the Passover Food Drive. Sign up as a volunteer to help with: supervising packers, checking boxes packed for quality assurance, sorting of food items and help as needed. If you are an experienced supervisor, please sign up as a shift supervisor.

Our supervisor schedule is now complete. For questions about packing please email or call 416 633-5100. Thank you for your support.

Food Insecurity is a Jewish Issue

Last year we provided almost 3,000 Kosher for Passover Food Boxes. The need is greater now than ever. Help us support those in need across the community.

3 ways to donate:

  1. Online: Select the amount you want to give. DONATE NOW.
  2. Mail: Send a cheque to: National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto, 1-890 Sheppard Ave. W, North York Ontario, M3H 6B9
  3. Phone: Call our office at 416-633-5100 and we will complete your transaction with you.

How it works:

  • The Passover Food Drive achieves its goals through monetary donations used to buy products at wholesale prices.
  • 90% of all the food has to be purchased.  Every box is Kosher for Passover.
  • Food is collected by community organizations, synagogues, schools and supermarkets
  • NCJWC, Toronto accepts referrals for recipients from agencies, synagogues and service and chaplaincy groups.
  • Monetary donations enable the Passover Food Drive to purchase most of the Kosher for Passover non-perishable food.

A tax receipt will be issued for all monetary donations of $18.00 and above.

Volunteers are welcome.  You can make a difference.

2024 Passover Food Drive Chair: Shelly Feldman

Passover Food Drive 2023

Thank you for doing a BIG MATZAH MITZVAH!

On behalf of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto and the Passover Food Drive, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

We are so grateful for your time, energy, support and commitment to our community and making a meaningful difference.

Thanking our community – read more. 

Thank you to our sponsors

Your contribution makes a BIG difference for our community!


NCJWC Toronto is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of individuals within our own community and in the broader multi-cultural community through education, service and social action. The Passover Food Drive is its largest service project and is entirely a volunteer effort providing food for over 2,500 households facing food insecurity.

The Passover Food Drive began in 1983 when members of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto observed that there were some members of their community in need of food during Passover.

With the thought that all those within our community should be able to celebrate Passover with dignity and pride, the Passover Food Drive was born. In 1983, 25 Kosher for Passover food boxes were packed and delivered. This year we expect to fill over 3,000 boxes. 

The miracle of the Passover Food Drive is the community involvement of children and adults in over 500 volunteer positions.

Passover Food Drive is the largest of its kind in Canada. We work together with social service agencies and charitable organizations to provide necessary food boxes to members of the Jewish community who would otherwise not be able to celebrate Passover.

Monetary donations are vital to the Passover Food Drive. It would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate partners and individual financial donors in our community. The cost of Kosher for Passover Food is prohibitive even with 90% of the food being purchased at wholesale prices.

Every box is packed with love, care and consideration. Every box is packed with the same items.

Food donations are made through various supermarkets around the GTA. This food is then collected by volunteers and brought to the Food Drive headquarters where the food is sorted, packed and delivered.

The cost of Kosher for Passover food is prohibitive for individuals living in poverty. It is estimated that over 10,000 individual meals can be made from the Passover Food boxes. Social service agencies and charitable organizations in the GTA refer people who have inadequate financial resources and wish to be included in this project.

The challenge is to meet the needs of the financially disadvantaged in our community. This may include someone who is: a senior, families, a newcomer to Toronto, ill, disabled, unemployed – all with limited financial resources.

If there is someone you would like to include, please speak to your social services representative, community organization, or Rabbi.

On Delivery Day, volunteer drivers deliver food boxes to households on a specific route within the GTA.

The Passover Food Drive is a program of The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto. NCJWC, Toronto’s office is at 1-890 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto  M3H 6B9 416-633-5100. This year, packing and delivery day will take place at the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue.

The Passover Food Drive is planned a year in advance.

The Passover Food Drive is volunteer based and each year NCJWC Toronto funds and leads hundreds of volunteers in this community project. Volunteers pack, sort, collect donated food from stores and drivers to deliver the food boxes.

Yes, all donations of $18 or more will receive a tax receipt.

There are many great ways individuals, families, schools and groups can get involved and make a big difference in the community.

  • Sponsor a senior or family
  • Send a gift or tribute card
  • Help pack food boxes or volunteer to help
  • Build your own Matzah Mountain
  • Deliver boxes on Delivery Day

Learn more. Donate now. Please give generously. Let’s reach our target of 3,000 food boxes.


If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.


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