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One Voice – Multifaith Women Working To End Violence Against Women

This project has brought together women of diverse faiths to deal with the issue of domestic violence.

Recognizing that this a problem across all faiths, the women determined that the community leaders were ill-equipped to handle the complexities of domestic violence.

Therefore, the participants of One Voice have created a guide for faith leaders: “Faith Leaders on the Front Line: Responding to Domestic Violence in Our Communities.” It is presented here in digital format. Printed copies are available.

The goal is to disseminate this document to all faith leaders across the GTA and to have continuous dialogue on its implementation. There is still much work to be done.

Please contact us if would like to help to work on this vital program and help us eliminate violence against women. Email:

Co-Chairs: Eva Karpati and Michelle Singh

Faith Leaders book cover

Faith Leaders on the Front Line

Get this vital guide on addressing domestic violence. It’s not only for faith leaders, everyone can benefit from this valuable resource.


Webinar: Faith Leaders on the Front Line. Responding to domestic violence in our communities.

Our expert panelists discussed the life-saving necessity of responding to calls for help.

Imam Abd Alfatah Twakkal the Faith-based Support Coordinator at the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration, a family safety social service agency in London, ON. 

Ariella Boehma psychotherapist in private practice, she has dedicated much of her career to specializing in assisting women facing intimate partner violence.

Det. Shane Miller Det. Miller is the Toronto Police Service (TPS) Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence Coordinator attached to the Sex Crimes Unit.

MargaretSurvivor, speaker, and mentor.

Moderator – Reverend Michelle SinghInterfaith Minister.

one voice

Watch Webinar Recordings:

A webinar series created for RTOERO North York in return for their generous Community Grant.

Out of The Shadows: Empowering Awareness of Domestic Violence

Recognizing Domestic Abuse and Supportive Behaviours

How to Validate Victims


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