National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto

NCJWC Toronto - 125 Years of Service

It has been only three months into my term as President and already I am overwhelmed.

I am overwhelmed with excitement at the monumental events going on right now within our organization. We have sold the building! We are looking for a new home, a new place to call Council House. We have an opportunity to find a home that reflects our spirit of unwavering dedication to ensuring better lives for the vulnerable in our midst. Our new home can reflect that we remain relevant and important as we tackle the needs of our community in new creative ways.  The search is exciting and we have 18 months to do so. During these months we can also take the time to appreciate what 4700 Bathurst Street meant to us over these 53 years. Let’s celebrate and honour this legacy. Please share stories and photos that you have and we can make a wonderful album.


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