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National Council of Jewish Women of Canada Toronto (NCJWC Toronto) is a non-profit, volunteer service organization of over 800 women who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals.

NCJWC Toronto, established in 1897, has been a catalyst for change as well as a powerful pioneering force on behalf of children, youth, the elderly, families, the disabled, new Canadians and the disadvantaged. Over the years we have initiated many programs. When the projects grew too large, were proud to contribute the project to the community, including: Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living, Block Parents, Junior Kindergarten (under the auspices of North York Board of Education), Jewish Camp Council, English As-A-Second-Language classes, services to the physically challenged and citizenship preparation.

In 1922, our first Council House was opened at 44 St. George Street and we moved into our present facility in 1964. In 1984, NCJWC Toronto Foundation was created and the Bathurst-Prince Charles Apartment Building was opened. The Bathurst-Prince Charles is an integrated fully-accessible housing project with affordable housing for seniors combined with independent accommodation for the disabled.

NCJWC Toronto is a proud supporter of NCJWC’s national project in Israel, ALUMA. ALUMA (formerly known as Israel Family Counseling Association), provides needed services such as pre-marital, marital and family counseling, divorce mediation, preparation of mentally handicapped people for marriage and independent life in Israel.


I am so grateful and honoured to be bestowed with the role of President for the next two years.

I am so proud to be associated such an esteemed organization. For over 120 years NCJWC Toronto has made it its mandate to make the world a better place by fulfilling needs in the community that would otherwise not be met. The width and breadth of the programs has been as diverse as its length of years. Constantly evolving, this organization has stayed alive through your tremendous volunteer efforts. Thus Council has deservedly garnered an outstanding reputation for unwavering generous service to our community and the community at large. I am so proud.

I am humbled by the profound list I am joining – the list of 45 women before me who have filled the role of President. They have all been bright, eloquent, creative and courageous women who have volunteered to take on this leadership role with passion and conviction. Each one has veered this organization onward towards its mission with perseverance. I hope I can do justice to the list when my name enters that realm.

I am honoured that this role is bestowed on me by my peers here at Council. Can there be any greater compliment than a group of women for whom I have the utmost respect believe that I can take on this task and fulfill the responsibilities? There are so few opportunities like this in our lives. And this is priceless. They have given me the greatest gift – the gift of possibilities.

I would like to pay tribute to the people who have contributed to my journey here. My incredibly supportive family who never seems to question nor be surprised at me when I bring home another project that I am embarking on. The women of the TJQP who have shown me for 13 years ago how willing people are to do good things – truly giving from the heart. I am grateful to Debbie Wasserman, who during her Presidency invited the Quilting Project to be part of National Council and thus our first step in. Dahlia Rusinek who headed the committee nominating me to become Vice President, a position I never would have previously dreamed of taking, trusting me to venture on a new path.

My greatest gratitude goes to Ena. She has been my mentor and role model professionally and personally. As the face and representative of NCJWC Toronto. Ena has shown pure grace and poise and humanity. She has shown me how it is possible to be a strong, thoughtful leader but still have heart. How it is possible to encourage discussion on difficult issues and still be able to listen fully to all sides. All along Tikkun Olam has been her guiding principle. It is knowing that I will have her support guiding me during this journey that gives me the confidence to take on this role.

I consider my position to be like that of a conductor and my fabulous Board are the key musicians and you all, my dear member friends, are the orchestra. I cannot do it without you and in fact I know we will create exciting new symphonies together in this time of change. I am excited for our new creations.

Have a great summer.


Eva Karpati, President


Eva Karpati

Patty Niles

Bonnie Wells

Bev Hutner

Linda Steinberg

Naomi Kingston

Susan Austin
Susan Lapell

Hazel Wayne

Elkie Handelman

Elayne Shuster

Wanda Wintrobe

Marion Tully
Gail Crystal


1897 – 1900 Mrs J S Cohen
1900 – 1905 Mrs Henry Casper Davis
1905 – 1909 Mrs Solomon Jacobs
1909 – 1911 Mrs Maurice Frankel
1911 – 1913 Mrs Harry Levetus
1913 – 1915 Mrs F S Kahn
1915 – 1919 Bertha Draimin
1919 – 1923 Dorothy Hermant
1923 – 1924 Kathryn Eisman
1924 – 1930 Mrs AI Willinsky
1930 – 1936 Irene Samuel
1936 – 1940 Ruth H Frankel
1940 – 1944 Lucille Lorie
1944 – 1947 Mrs Gordon M Percy
1947 – 1949 Esther Volpe
1949 – 1951 Lily Masters
1951 – 1953 Pauline Goldhar
1953 – 1955 Hattie bloom
1955 – 1957 Tess Strauss
1957 – 1959 Ethyle Levine
1959 – 1961 Anne Baker
1961 – 1963 Isabel Levy (Billy Berlin)
1963 – 1965 Cherry Morris
1965 – 1967 Eleanor Appleby
1967 – 1969 Eunice Harrison
1969 – 1971 Debbie Vigoda
1971 – 1973 Gloria Storn
1973 – 1976 Helen Marr
1976 – 1979 Gloria Roden
1979 – 1981 Helen Bossin
1981 – 1983 Particia Starr
1983 – 1985 Eleanor Cooper
1985 – 1987 Nita Goldband
1987 – 1989 Gita Arnold
1989 – 1990 Eveline Berger
1990 – 1995 Gita Arnold
1995 – 1997 Barbara Greenglass
1997 – 1999 Roz Fine
1999 – 2001 Sheila Mostyn
2001 – 2003 Janice Landy
2003 – 2005 Marcie Weinman
2005 – 2007 Debbie Wasserman
2007 – 2011 Paula Frisch
2011 – 2013 Linda Steinberg
2013 – 2015 Ena Cord/Dahlia Rusinek
2015 – 2017 Ena Cord


National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto Section’s Foundation (Bathurst/Prince Charles Building) was established in 1984, objective of providing affordable housing to low and moderate income families, individuals, seniors and the disabled in Toronto. Toronto Section is the community sponsor of the Foundation.

The building is located at 3270 Bathurst Street and Prince Charles Ave. There are 160 units including market value, rent geared to income, and government assisted apartments. There are one, two and a few three bedroom rental suites.

The City of Toronto highlights our building as a shining example of not for profit, multi use, rental units throughout the GTA. Call the office for an appointment to tour.

Roz Fine, President
NCJWC Toronto Section
Bathurst/Prince Charles Building


Council 17
Council 60
Council 63
Etobicoke Study
Evening Study
Nashay Orah
Nova Study
Study & Service
Suburban Study
Thornhill Study
Violet Davis
York Mills



The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) was founded in Rome, Italy in 1912 but because of interruptions of two world wars, it functioned only intermittently until after the Second World War. It was revived at a meeting held in Paris, France in 1949. Canada was represented at this historic meeting. Since then, two Canadians have held the position of President of the ICJW. Today, ICJW represents 43 affiliate Jewish women’s organizations in five continents.

For more information about the International Council of Jewish Women go to

Through its affiliation with the International Council of Jewish Women, NCJWC is member of the Coalition of Jewish Women against Domestic Violence and the Coalition for Agunot Rights.

Through its affiliation with the International Council of Jewish Women, NCJWC is a member of the UNESCO Sub commission on the status of women.



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